Islandwide free delivery for all F&B orders above $80!
September, September! Stay safe stay home! Enjoy 5% (BBSSUP!) for orders $35 and above *T&Cs apply.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you do islandwide delivery?
With the announcement of the new Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) and tighten measures which will take effect from 16 May- 13 June 2021, we are making arrangement with our delivery partners and will be providing more updates on the delivery service again. 

All our food items, coffee, freshly baked pastries are still available for pre-orders for self-collection at both our cafes at 100 Guillemard Road and 218 East Coast Road. 

Can I place my orders in advance for self pick up?
Yes you can! You can schedule your orders for up to one week in advance and choose any of the time slots available.

Can I self collect my order?
Yes you can! Just select your preferred location for self collection upon check out (218 East Coast Road/100 Guillemard Road).

How can I get in touch with the team should I need to?
You may contact our team via Whatsapp message or call us at the following numbers:
+65 9666-9719 (100 Guillemard Road)
+65 8636-5131 (218 East Coast Road)
Alternatively, you may drop us a line at

Coffee and Food

What coffee beans do you use?
Pen & Pencil (House Blend)
Taste Profile: Chocolate, Nutty, Stone-Fruit

Danilo Barbosa, Brazil (Single Origin - Seasonal)
Taste Profile: Red Plum, Apple, Grape, Cacao, Almond

How long can I keep the Cold Brew for? 
Our Cold Brew has to be kept in the refrigerator and is good for consumption 5-7 days from the brew date indicated on the label. Best enjoyed over ice and shake well before opening.

*Do note that we do not do exchanges or returns for brewed coffee.

What type of dairy alternatives do you have for someone who is lactose intolerant like me?

We feel your pain! We serve soy (Happy Happy Soy Boy) and oat milk (Oatly) for friends who have stomachs slightly more sensitive. 

Do you do decaffeinated coffee?

We don't do decaf coffee but if you like a milder cup of coffee, you may opt for a single shot.

What are the donuts available?
Donuts are available on the weekends. You may pre-order, otherwise walk in to purchase in store after 10.30am. It is best recommended to pre-order the donuts as we only have limited quantities available for purchase in stores.

*Flavoured donuts are strictly pre-orders only.